16th Sun A
Sunday 23rd July 2017

Image supplied by Sr Kym Harris

Visual Meditation

Looking at art works or movies is a great way to open ourselves to the meaning of the Gospels. Seeing can bypass our preconceived notions, giving us new vistas of enlightenment. With painting or sculpture one needs to sit quietly and absorb the dynamics of the piece. The drama of movies more easily engages us and offers a way to conversation about the Gospel with other members of your family.

This Sunday's Visual Meditation



The following two movies explore the different forces that operate in people’s lives and their capacity for change. Their story lines lead us to question the easy assumptions that we can make about what is good and what is bad,
- Angele et Tony
- Here I am
- In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, we ponder the play between good and evil. Gollum, who draws so much revulsion, actually comes to be the destroyer of the Ring. If he had been destroyed as Sam wanted him to be early in the story, the destruction of the Ring may not have come about.
- Legally Blond is light comedy that still makes us question the easy assumptions we make about people.