Pentecost Sunday
Sunday 20th May 2018

Image supplied by Jocelyne Benoit

The Gospel Paraphrased

There are many fine translations of the Gospels readily available.  This paraphrase is not meant to replace them.  Rather the intention here is to offer a more contemporary rendering so that you can imaginatively translate the Gospel into your own situation.

This Sunday's Gospel Paraphrased

Jn 15:26-27, 16:12-15

When the Comforter comes whom I shall send from the Father,
that is the Spirit of Truth who comes from the Father,
he will witness to me.
Then, you too will witness to me
as you have been with me from the beginning.

I have many things to say to you
but you could not bear them now.
When the Spirit of truth comes
he will lead you into all truth.
He will not be speaking from himself
rather he will speak as he hears.
Those are the things he will reveal to you.
and he will also reveal to you what is to come.
He shall glorify me
for what he tells you comes from what is mine.
All that the Father has is mine
that is why I told you that what he reveals to you
will come from what is mine.