Pentecost Sunday
Sunday 20th May 2018

Image supplied by Jocelyne Benoit

Visual Meditation

Looking at art works or movies is a great way to open ourselves to the meaning of the Gospels. Seeing can bypass our preconceived notions, giving us new vistas of enlightenment. With painting or sculpture one needs to sit quietly and absorb the dynamics of the piece. The drama of movies more easily engages us and offers a way to conversation about the Gospel with other members of your family.

This Sunday's Visual Meditation


  • This fresco by Giotto di Bondone (click red text) shows the disciples awaiting the descent of the Spirit.
  • The Dove of the Holy Spirit by Guisto de Menabuoi is a detail of a fresco in Padua.
  • In this painting by Anton Raphael Mengs (click red text) Mary is at the centre of the praying disciples.
  • This fresco by Mikhail Vrubel (click red text) is in the Cathedral of St Cyril, Kiev. This is a detail showing Mary with three apostles All seem so stern and fierce –is it because the Descent of the Spirit is yet to happen or that the enormity of the Spirit’s descent overwhelms them? The rest of the fresco can be seen in this site.
  • This is a modern painting by John Brokenshire (click red text).


  • Being John Malkovich
  • Chocolat
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • The End of the Affair