5th Sun Easter C
Sunday 19th May 2019

Image supplied by Kathy Curran


Poetry speaks to the heart through the experience of another. The effort it takes to lay aside our own views and feelings and enter into someone else's vision helps us to prepare our hearts to be open to the wisdom of God.

This Sunday's Poetry

O flame of living love,
that at its deepest centre
wounds now my soul with tenderness!
Since you no more remove,
end then, if you intend to;
tear now the veil of mutual sweetness!

O cautery so sweet!
O wound’s caress!
O soothing hand! O delicate the touching,
that signals life complete,
pays every debt,
changes death to life in its ending!

O fiery light,
in whose resplendencies
deep caves of purest feeling,
that once were eyeless night,
with rarest beauties
shed warmth and light on the loving

How lovingly, how gently
you return now to my breast
where you live all secret and alone
and filled with virtue’s glory
how your sweetest breath
delicately pierces to the bone!

John of the Cross