6th Sun C
Sunday 16th February 2020

Image supplied by Sr Cecilia Prest


Poetry speaks to the heart through the experience of another. The effort it takes to lay aside our own views and feelings and enter into someone else's vision helps us to prepare our hearts to be open to the wisdom of God.

This Sunday's Poetry
  • In Law like love (click red text) W. H. Auden (1907-1973) explores various attitudes to law and sees them to be like out attitude to love.

  • Gershon Hepner in Top of the Torah (click red text) relishes all the different facets of Torah.

    • Thee, God, I Come from

      Gerard Manly Hopkins

Thee, God, I come from, to thee go,
All day long I like fountain flow
From thy hand out, swayed about
Mote-like in thy mighty glow.

What I know of thee I bless,
As acknowledging thy stress
On my being and as seeing
Something of thy holiness.

Once I turned from thee and hid,
Bound on what thou hadst forbid;
Sow the wind I would; I sinned:
I repent of what I did.

Bad I am, but yet thy child.
Father, be thou reconciled.
Spare thou me, since I see
With thy might that thou art mild.

I have life before me still
And thy purpose to fulfil;
Yea a debt to pay thee yet:
Help me, sir, and so I will.

But thou bidst, and just thou art,
Me shew mercy from my heart
Towards my brother, every other
Man my mate and counterpart. . . . . . . . .

Gerard Manley Hopkins