14th Sun A
Sunday 5th July 2020

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The Commentaries Summarised

As a Church we are in a web of wisdom that comes to us both from tradition and contemporary writers. This section offers a summary of some commentaries on the Gospel. Also below is a list of the books and articles that have been consulted in compiling this Sunday's "Pray As You Can" and which could be used for further reading.

This Sunday's Commentary

Just before this Gospel text begins there is the phrase ‘in that time’ which clearly links this material with what is around it. Before this text, Jesus condemns his contemporaries for not being open to neither his witness nor that of John the Baptist. Even the miracles he did failed to make them reconsider their ways. After this Sunday’s reading, there are two instances where Jesus comes into conflict with the religious leaders concerning their narrow and rigoristic interpretation of the Law.

In the midst of this, Jesus offers these sayings which are among the most loved and heartfelt of all his words that have been preserved. There are three sections:

Firstly, Jesus praised and thanked his Father for his revelation to those who had been open to the teaching of Jesus. In calling them ‘mere children’ he stressed just how lacking in power and influence they were in their society. Having nothing to lose in following Jesus they had everything to gain and were blest accordingly.

Secondly, Jesus affirmed his intimate and privileged relationship with the Father. Reminiscent of the Gospel of John, this short proclamation echoes the affirmations of Jesus as God’s beloved Son that occurred at his Baptism and Transfiguration.

Thirdly, he invites us to come to him when we are overburdened. His use of the term ‘yoke’ draws on the contemporary image of the Divine Law, ‘the Torah’, as a yoke that disciplines people into the ways of God. Audaciously he refers to ‘his’ yoke. Throughout this Gospel, Jesus presents himself as the definitive interpreter of God’s Law. High and demanding as his Law may appear, it is made easy and light because he is yoked to us in love and it is in love that our souls are truly at rest.