17th Sun A
Sunday 26th July 2020

Image supplied by 'Waiting for Rain' by Sr Cecilia Prest mfic

The Gospel Paraphrased

There are many fine translations of the Gospels readily available.  This paraphrase is not meant to replace them.  Rather the intention here is to offer a more contemporary rendering so that you can imaginatively translate the Gospel into your own situation.

This Sunday's Gospel Paraphrased

Mt 13:44-52

Jesus said: ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a paddock. A worker finds it and hides it again. His joy at such a great find leads him to go and sell everything he owns in order to buy that paddock.

‘Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant looking for the best pearls. When she sees a magnificent pearl, she goes and sells all her other pearls and jewels in order to have that special one.

‘Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a huge net cast out across the sea between two boats. It picks up everything in its way. When it is full, it is dragged ashore and the fishermen go through the catch, saving all the good fish and throwing out the bad. That is what will happen at the end of the world. The angels will come and sift, from the midst of the just, the wicked, throwing them into the burning furnace where they will wail in agony.’

Jesus then asked them: ‘Do you understand all this?’
And they replied: ‘Yes, Master, we do.’
So, he said to them; ‘A person who knows the Jewish Law and becomes my disciple is like a householder who is able to bring old and new things out of the storeroom.’