4th Sunday Lent A
Sunday 14th March 2021

Image supplied by Maria Higgenson

Visual Meditation

Looking at art works or movies is a great way to open ourselves to the meaning of the Gospels. Seeing can bypass our preconceived notions, giving us new vistas of enlightenment. With painting or sculpture one needs to sit quietly and absorb the dynamics of the piece. The drama of movies more easily engages us and offers a way to conversation about the Gospel with other members of your family.

This Sunday's Visual Meditation


  • Henri Lindegaard’s painting (click red text) is a satrk presentation of Jesus and Nicodemus in conversation.
  • Sebastian Bourdon’s painting of Moses and the Bronze Serpent.
    • This Michelangelo’s presntantion of Moses and the Bronze Serpent in the Sistine Chapel.
      The following works show the ability of some artists to weave together a number of images to reveal their theology of the Cross.
  • Cornelis Engelbrechtsz’s triptych (click red text) is such a rich visual study. The story of Moses and the Bronze serpent is on the right hand side. It is worthwhile to look closely at the complex use of images across the three sections.
  • This extraordinary carved pulpit by Michiel Vervoort the Elder incorporates the stories of Adam and Eve in the garden, the crossing of the Red Sea, Moses and the Serpent, the Crucifixion. These can be seen more clearly at this site (click red texts).
  • This is a more modern painting by Joseph Turner celebrates God's covenant with humanity after the flood. The serpent in the centre represents the brazen serpent, symbolising Christ's redemption of humanity in the new covenant.


  • Life is Beautiful
  • The Grace Card
  • Narnia the voyage of the Dream Treader