Sunday of the Palms and Passion
Sunday 28th March 2021

Image supplied by Sr Cecilia Prest


Poetry speaks to the heart through the experience of another. The effort it takes to lay aside our own views and feelings and enter into someone else's vision helps us to prepare our hearts to be open to the wisdom of God.

This Sunday's Poetry

The View from Below

“Then Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed last….Now when the centurion, who stood facing him, saw that in this way he breathed his last, he said, ‘Truly this was God’s Son.’” Mark 15:37,39

Standing beneath the rabbi’s cross,
I watch his blood drip. Today
I nailed two naked crooks,
one naked rebel. Dark

covers the land like a black anger
of the gods of war. Just before
the rabbi dies he howls as if Mars
himself were sawing bone.

I’m goy, an uncircumcised centurion
with notches on my spear, who despises
Jews and Jewish squabbles that brought him
to this hill. When my spear pierces his

side blood and water splatter
on my head and breast.
Through bloody eyes I look up at him.
Now this goy knows.

by Kilian McDonnell osb
from Wrestling with God.
St John’s University Press
Collegeville Minnesota
Copyright 2011 Order of St Benedict, Collegeville
Used with kind permission