6th Sun Easter B
Sunday 9th May 2021

Image supplied by Jocelyne Benoit


Poetry speaks to the heart through the experience of another. The effort it takes to lay aside our own views and feelings and enter into someone else's vision helps us to prepare our hearts to be open to the wisdom of God.

This Sunday's Poetry

Recovering Our Common Language

Look not to a past skyline
to see the Tower of Babel.
Look rather at our present one
and recognise Babel.

It takes a tsunami, a quake, an inferno
a flood of concern and compassion
to bring us together
and recover our common language
the language of the heart
the heart of humanity
our care and concern for each other
our goodness, generosity, courage
and selfless action.

Thirsting for True Connection

We wander still in the desert of in-between stories
lost in distraction, numbing ourselves to pain
estranged from our most expansive selves
starved of bliss
depleted of honour
the restless prey of our own idolatries
seduced by the golden calves of the image trader
satisfying our appetites with a card swipe
while thirsting for the feel of true connection
a place in the embrace of reverence and gratitude
the peace of surrender in loving union.

Both poems from Together at the Edge, Trust Me by Noel Davis. Published by Lifeflow Press, Narooma NSW Copyright, used with permission as stated in book.